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Buckles, bag buckles, purse buckles,,belt buckles, fashion buckles,,slide buckles, wire slides

Clips, metal clips, bag clips, purse clips, lanyard clips, safety pins

Corners, metal corners, edge protectors

Eyelets, metal eyelets, bag eyelets, purse eyelets, grommets

Handles, DIY handles, DIY handle frames, beaded handles,, metal handles, acrylic handles, bamboo handles, wooden handles, rattan handles

Hangers, bag hangers, purse hangers, screw rod hangers, loops hangers

Key chains, keychains, key hooks, chains, key holders, phone cords

Key rings, keyrings,  split rings, key accessories, wallet fittings, oval split ring

Hooks, snap hooks, swivel hooks, lanyard hooks, other snap hooks, phone cord hooks, swivel eye hooks, eye hooks, bag hooks, purse hooks, handbag hooks, alloy hooks

Locks, turn locks, padlocks, box fasteners, bag closures

Loose-leaf rings, looseleaf rings, steel wire key rings

Magnetic snaps, bag snaps, slim purse snaps, fasteners, closures, clasps, magnets

Other fittings, accessories, hinges, lid stoppers, cord ends

Purse feet, bag feet, feet

Purse rings, bag rings, alloy rings, flat rings

Rivets, screw rivets, screw and loops

Wire rings, oval rings, dee rings, purse rings, triangular rings, square rings, rectangular rings, round rings

Zipper pulls, zipper pullers, zip pullers, pulls, pullers zip sliders


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Plastic beaded handles, bag handles, purse handles, beaded handles

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Following plastic beaded handles, beaded handles, bag handles or purse handles are available in a variety of colors.  To see enlargement of beaded handle photos, please move mouse onto image and click.  To return, simply click the "Back button" on the toolbar.  Beads on photos may vary a bit in color from the actual products.

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BFAC #2206GN

green color beaded handles

BFAC #2206GR

green/orange color beaded handles

BFAC #2206GY

green/yellow color beaded handles

BFAC #2206MH

magenta/white color beaded handles

BFAC #2206MN

magenta color beaded handles

BFAC #2206MW

magenta/white color beaded handles

BFAC #2206MX

multi colors beaded handles

BFAC #2206RD

red color beaded handles

BFAC #2206RG

red/green color beaded handles

BFAC #2206RM

red/magenta color beaded handles

BFAC #2206RN

orange color beaded handles

BFAC #2206RR

red/oranged color beaded handles

BFAC #2206RW

red/white color beaded handles

BFAC #2206WH

white color beaded handles

BFAC #2206YL

yellow color beaded handles

BFAC #2206YR

orange/yellow color beaded handles


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